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FALL 2018 / SPRING 2019


Shirley-Anne Tate 

Leeds Beckett University

"Libidinal Economies of Black Hair: Subverting the governance of strands, subjectivities, and politics"

134 S. Kedzie Hall on September 12th @ 5pm


Martin Benjamin

Michigan State University

"A Teaching Life"

530 S. Kedzie on September 28th @ 3pm


Matthew Slater

Bucknell University

"Scientific Consensus and the Public Trust of Science"

530 S. Kedzie on October 19th @ 3pm


Ronald Sandler

Northeastern University

"What Should We Do With 'Moral Status'?"

530 S. Kedzie on November 9th @ 3pm


Heather Battaly

University of Connecticut

"Can closed-mindedness be an Intellectual Virtue?"

530 S. Kedzie on February 1st @ 3pm


Michael Williams

John Hopkins University


TBD on February 15th @ 3pm


Nancy Tuana

Penn State


TBD on March 29th @ 3pm


Paul Taylor

Penn State


TBD on April 13th @ 3pm