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Reiner Schürmann and the Poetics of Politics

Christopher P. Long, September, 2018, Punctum Books



The Spirit of the Soil:
Agriculture and Environmental Ethics

Paul B. Thompson
, 2017 (2nd edition), Routledge.

Thompson 2017 book.jpg

 A Tapestry of Values:
An Introduction to Values in Science

Kevin C. Elliott, February, 2017, Oxford University Press.

Natural Kinds and Classification in Scientific Practice

Catherine Kendig (Editor), January, 2016, Routledge.

 From Field to Fork:
Food Ethics for Everyone

Paul B. Thompson, June, 2015, Oxford University Press.

 Naturalism and Realism in Kant's Ethics 

Frederick Rauscher
, November, 2015, Cambridge University Press.

 The Capitalist Schema:
Time, Money, and the Culture of Abstraction.

Christian Lotz, September, 2014, Lexington Books.

Exploring Inductive Risk: Case Studies of Values in Science

Edited by Kevin C. Elliot and Ted RichardsJuly, 2017, Oxford University Press

Inductive Risk.jpeg

Kant: Lectures and Drafts on Political Philosophy

Frederick Rauscher, October, 2016, Cambridge University Press.


 Hermeneutics, Images, Meaning

Christian Lotz, October, 2015, Bloomsbury Press.

 Worldly Virtue:
Moral Ideals and Contemporary Life

Judith Andre, March, 2015, Lexington Books.

 Christian Lotz zu Karl Marx:
Das Maschinenfragment

Christian Lotz, December, 2014, Laika Verlag.

 Holding and Letting Go:
The Social Practice of Personal Identities

Hilde Lindemann, January, 2014, Oxford University Press



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