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Assistant Professor

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E-mail: ruizele1@msu.edu

Elena Ruíz is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy.  She is also core faculty in Global Studies and the Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence at MSU. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy and master's in Social and Political Theory from the University of South Florida.

Prior to joining MSU, Dr. Ruíz was a research fellow at Institut de Hautes études Internationales et du Développement in Geneva, Switzerland.  Her primary areas of research are in Social & Political Philosophy, Feminisms of the Global South and Decolonial Theory. Her work examines the philosophical foundations of violence, the history of structural oppressions, and theories of harm (cultural, epistemic, linguistic, hermeneutic) in the context of violence affecting women and marginalized populations in the Global South. The goal of her research is to expand our current understanding of harms and violence, leading to the development of more inclusive conceptual frameworks for policy assessment and implementation of humanitarian aid programs, gender-based violence prevention programs, and advocacy legislation.