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Associate Professor

I have been Chair of the Philosophy Department since fall 2011. My primary areas of research are the philosophy of logic and argumentation theory. I have just completed an account of the nature of begging the question that highlights the use of arguments as displays of inference (Synthese forthcoming, Informal Logic (2015)). Drawing on this work, I am developing a paper in which I argue against taking the specific inferential connections between premises and conclusion intended by arguers as essential to the identity of their arguments. The paper explores the consequences of this thesis for versions of externalism (e.g., Conee’s and Feldman’s version) which require knowledge of logical connections for justified belief. Also, I am currently developing the account of logical necessity given in my monograph on logical consequence (Peter Lang (2010)) using Kit Fine’s reduction of necessity to essence.

My teaching primarily consists of courses in logic, critical thinking, and the philosophy of logic and language. I enjoy engaging students in my classes with my current research topics. 

E-mail: mckeonm@msu.edu