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Michael O'Rourke is Professor of Philosophy and faculty in AgBioResearch at Michigan State University. His research interests include environmental philosophy, the nature of epistemic integration and communication in collaborative, cross-disciplinary research, and the nature of linguistic communication between intelligent agents. He is Director of the Toolbox Project, an NSF-sponsored research initiative that investigates philosophical approaches to facilitating interdisciplinary research (http://toolbox-project.org/). He has published extensively on the topics of communication, interdisciplinary theory and practice, and robotic agent design. He has been a co-principal investigator or collaborator on funded projects involving environmental science education, facilitating cross-disciplinary communication, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, resilience in environmental systems, and autonomous underwater vehicles. He co-founded and served as co-director of the Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, an interdisciplinary conference on philosophical themes, and as co-editor of the Topics in Contemporary Philosophy series published by MIT Press.

Contact Information:

Office: South Kedzie Hall, Room 525

Phone: (517) 432-0751

Email: orourk51@msu.edu

Website: http://michael-orourke.com/

Representative Publications

Hall, T. E., & O'Rourke, M. 2014. "Responding to communication challenges in transdisciplinary sustainability science." In K. Huutoniemi & P. Tapio (Eds.), Heuristics for Transdisciplinary Sustainability Studies: Solution-oriented Approaches to Complex Problems. Oxford: Routledge.

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