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Prof. Tomlinson has published widely in the medical and medical ethics literature, encompassing topics such as resuscitation decisions, organ donation and determinations of death, the moral status of patients with diminished consciousness, and ethical aspects of international research. His recent projects include an examination of public attitudes toward the use of blanket consent to authorize future research uses of clinical or research specimens and data without further consent; appropriation of deidentified specimens and health information collected during medical care for research without consent; and a critique of patients’ “right not to know” their terminal prognosis. Other current research interests include ethical questions raised by the use of “smart pills” that report patients medical condition and compliance to treatment; the ethical and social impacts of artificial intelligence in the delivery of care to patients; and the ethical and social impact of the drive to indefinitely extend the human life span

E-mail: tomlins4@msu.edu

Please see Prof. Tomlinson's page at the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences for additional information: