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Ph.D. Candidate



After more than thirty years of teaching high school mathematics and science, Craig Merow decided it was time to confront the “big questions.” When his youngest daughter packed her bags for college, Craig enrolled in a BA program in philosophy. He continued to teach fulltime at Germantown Academy, expanding his teaching repertoire to include electives in philosophy. After completing his degree, Craig attended the University of Pennsylvania where he earned an MBE (Master of Bioethics) degree and worked with professors Arthur Caplan and Dominic Sisti on the High School Bioethics Project. The MBE was followed by a five-year Distinguished University Fellowship in philosophy at Michigan State University. Craig is presently putting the final touches on his PhD dissertation on veterinary ethics. In addition to his academic pursuits, Craig has devoted much time, effort, and love, to his family. He has been married to Donna Merow, the pastor of Ambler Mennonite Church, for 38 years. He has two daughters: Rebecca Calvert, a mother and structural engineer, and Katharine Merow, a mathematician and freelance writer. He has taught, coached, and advised a wide variety of students including rural public school kindergartners, inner-city chemistry students, private school calculus students, college undergraduates, and aspiring veterinarians. While his hair has turned decidedly gray, his energy reserves are remarkably high. He looks forward to many more years of engagement with interesting people, important causes, and intriguing questions.